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Our customers are our best sales people.

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A. Pegg

Courteous, helpful

A. Reeves

The customer service I got from the people.

Alan M.

Customer service from the salesman

B. Roy

Pretty easy

C Nalley

Very friendly and helpful from the beginning until the home was set up.

C. Albritton

Courteous, fast and got the paperwork done. Good experience. Very professional.

C. Anderson

Ross was very good and helped me a lot getting my home !

C. Miller

The friendliness, they went out of their way with everything.

C. Smith

They were very nice and very helpful.

C. Worley

We like the service and the rep we dealt with. The rep knew everything or found out. He went the extra mile. They have it fixed so nice where you can see the model home with everything.

Carl S. wrote

they were really good, I've been taken really good care of

Carolin W.

I really liked the fellas out there. They would come see me that day or as soon as possible if I call. (service teams)

Chad C. wrote

they answered all of my questions

Deborah R.

The sales representative (Ross) was very generous, let us take our time to go through the plans and look at the homes.

Dempsey S. wrote

They were great

E Callaway

Ross did everything that they could to get me my home .

Eddie B. wrote

the people that presented the home to us explained everything, their attitude toward the home deal

Freddie F. wrote

I like the homes, the staff, them manager, Ross, everything they said they would do, they did.

J. Alexander

My sales rep. I had a good experience with him, Ross Baker.

J. Blakely

the service I had with the salesman was great!

J. Davis

Ross was wonderful, He handled a lot for us.

J. Drake

Mr.Baker was real friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I appreciate what he did for me.

J. Smith

Follow up to see if there is anything needed.

Jason B. wrote

they were easy to deal with

Joanne W.

We've been our new home 1 year last week, and we couldn't be happier, the men at Anderson, Clayton Homes were and still are complete professionals. We still stop in just to say hi or ask a question. We plan on buying some adjacent land and will be returning to them to purchase another home for our daughter. You want a nice home, reasonably priced, sold by gentleman who stick to there word, Clayton homes of Anderson, especially Mike Cantrell, Thanks Mike your a man of your word.

John and Veronica M

Me and my family just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely loving our new home, the Tyson. We especially are loving our new power bill. We had a 1994 single wide where our power bill would run between $270-$308 a month. Our last power bill on our Tyson double wide was $128! It is a GREAT home with Great Savings! Thank you all you guys up there at Clayton Homes of Anderson.

Joyce M. wrote

they were tremendous, they were good

Kathryn B. wrote

the salesman was extremely good,Ed made sure we got what we needed

Kelli D. wrote

the people were so nice,helped us every step of the way,they were wonderful

Kelsey N. wrote

it was a good experience, they helped a lot, they were there for every question I had

Kristen D. wrote

we sent some people up there, they're straight-up, really easy to deal with

L. Galloway

The salesman(Ross) was great,very easy process.

Lois S. wrote

they have been really nice to me, I've never had a problem with them

M. Bennett

The man I dealt with Ross Baker was very professional. He did everything he could to get me into a home.

M. Stewart

They helped me out with everything

Matthew H. wrote

they were good to call and take care of business

Michael P. wrote

I was happy with the service I received, they were really friendly and they helped us out a lot.

Oscar B. wrote

they were very nice,got a good deal

R. Davenport

I've been very satisfied with the service that I have had with the service team.

R. Unkle

very satisfied. I called for repairs and they fixed them.

Raymon H. wrote

They did everything they said they would do. Did a perfect job. Mike the manager did everything he said he would do.

Rhonda B. wrote

The people treated me like "people", very nice gentleman. (sales team)

Ronnie A. wrote

All the work and effort from the salesman and the manager to get me in my home.

S. Angelacos

Very friendly staff !

S. Boston

The salesperson (Ross Baker)

S. Johnson

They were friendly.

S. Porter

Ryan is a good salesman.

S. York

They have been very on time with everything

T Willis

They were really good, helpful, and it was an easy process.

T. Brown

They were nice people. Easy to get along with

T. Howard

We had a great experience and we love our home.

Tommy G. wrote

they were helpful

W Prather

It was a pretty good experience!

W. Bagwell

they were good guys they took care of me

W. Blume

Satisfied with how Ed handled everything

W. Miller

they were very helpful

W. Timms

Mr Baker my salesperson was wonderful,it was easy no complaints .

Wendy T.

Mr Baker my salesperson was wonderful,it was easy no complaints

William B.

they were good guys they took care of me

William M.

they were very helpful